Psychitecture offers a wide variety of tailored experiences for both individuals and businesses.  Here at Ray Art and Design we apply the methodology of Psychitecture either on a consultation basis, designing interiors to delivering the entire scope of the design process as a project manager.  Our process is designed to reach your goals with precision and taste.

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Services Include:

  • Projecting Consulting: As adjunct to a design team
  • Interior Design-  From ground up to Curation
  • Art Advisory
  • Design Concierge: Full scope project management
  • Production Design and Staging


As a full-service art advisory corporation, Ray Art and Design provides clients with access to the highest quality galleries, artists, and auction houses.  Through both research and expertise, we guide clients to the most optimal art selection based upon their aesthetic desires and investment goals.  Using the Psychitecture methodology, we can help a client reach their highest goals in the form of artistic display. 

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Full Services Include:

  • For individual collectors, businesses, corporations and public spaces
  • Assess existing art
  • Development of a master art collection plan
  • Research and Procurement of Art:  Introduction to artist, dealers, auction houses and private showings at studio and art fairs
  • Conduct Due Diligence- confirm authenticity of art work
  • Restoration/Conservation- evaluate condition of artwork through reputable conservators and restore as needed
  • Comprehensive analog and digital presentation to client
  • Coordinate framing, shipment, insurance policy and installation to maintain highest degree of safety
  • Build and maintain art collection library and portfolio
  • Project Management- consult with architecture and design team, and lighting specialists
  • Customized Curation - application of Psychitecture methodology while using design principals
  • Oversee site-specific commissions
  • Establish relationship with museums
  • Appraisals/resale
  • Digital presentation in Sketch-up and Photoshop

Psychitecture for business

Rachel Melvald of Ray Art and Design employs the Psychitecture methodology as a consultant to an architectural design team to ensure design services are integrated to ensure client satisfaction and full project potential.  Her experience as a couples and family therapist has given her the unique set of skills to problem-solve and give attention to each clients desires and needs and while as a designer can help interpret these goals visually.  She can work as an adjunct to a design team to delve deeper into problems which may arise and mediate to avert dissatisfaction in the design and building of a home or place of business. 

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Clients Include:

  • Realtors- Consultation and Staging, Art Gallery Pop-up Events
  • Film Production- Consultation and Production Design
  • Health Care Settings
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Homes