Design with Mindfulness 

Psychitecture integrates psychology and design into method. At RAY, we use the Psychitecture Method to curate our client’s taste and experience. Our goal is to arrive at the center of what a client wants in a home, personal art collection, commercial space, or beyond. As art and design consultants we ensure our clients connects to their true wants and desires in art curation and the design process to surface discovery and avert dissatisfaction. 




Integrating the awareness of how our homes, social circles, and environment affect our individual experience in the design process, produces sophisticated personal taste- a critical starting point when making making powerful investments in art.  

Experience Centered 

Our experience is dependent on how we see the world. Our perception. It is that perception created through experience that makes art and beauty possible. Whether you're purchasing art, or remodeling your bathroom, considering not only the visual, but also the experience, aligns beauty- with innovation and functionality. 

Design with Intention

Our space and possessions characterize us. And in many ways become extensions of who we are. This is the space Psychitecture aims to curate and design. Spaces and experiences that reflect the beauty and intentions of it's owners. 



  • Environmental  Psychology
  • Experience Centered Design
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behavior Psychology
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Design-Led Contextual Inquiry
  • Phenomenology