RAY ART and DESIGN exposes artists from underdeveloped and low-income communities to help promote and create space for artistic expression with an emphasis in giving back.  

Our goal is to showcase their artistic expression, through cultural events while helping to identify resources and networks to support these artists. We strive to cultivate a community of artists and supporters to raise awareness of cultural parallels influencing contemporary society while nurturing artist development.

RAY ART and DESIGN works directly with each artist to ensure that they personally get the most out of each sale, as well as helping RAY to identify and fund organizations supporting artistic development in their local community.

Current Projects:

  • Fowler Museum and African Artifacts Trade Exhibit
  • La Maida Integrative Psychiatry Institute  Community Partnership Design Project with McKinley Foster Care Center
  • Soho House


Past Projects:

Artists in Mind



The party in the spirit of Latin American art in Los Angeles is still not over.

On December 15,  The Future Moves Slow at Schoos Design hosted a holiday happy hour event, The Future Moves Slow, set in Schoos Night Gallery, December 15, ran until the end of December. Read more about the show and support bringing these artists to Los Angeles.

November 11th, The Future Moves Slow at Schoos Design Opening VIP and General Party.


NOVEMBER 11th - DECEMBER 24th, 2017.

Artists in Mind and MakeWild have joined creative forces to bring you The Future Moves Slow: a celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations. What does it mean to be resilient in the face of adversity?