Consult + Curate + Create


Founder, Rachel Melvald studied Fine Arts and Psychology at the University of Michigan and trained at both the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the UCLA School of Interior Architecture. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist in both the private and public sector,  Rachel launched RAY in 2014 to guide clients beyond mind and body well-being into sound investments through the cultivation of space.  

One of her  latest projects included working with a client to  build and manage a thirty-million dollar Old Masters and Modern Impressionist art collection.   Rachel was also the project manager, designer, and curator on the project to house the collection in a home in Malibu.   As the ground-up interior architect, Rachel  was able to work with various environmental challenges to protect the art while designing space and interiors to showcase the work in its most optimal light (well minimizing light!).  

Her experience in 16th through 21st century art acquisition has led her to develop relationships with auction houses, such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s, both regionally and internationally. Rachel stays on the pulse of the contemporary art world, forging relationships with art galleries internationally  and has further expanded her art advisory role to work with collectors interested in sought-after and emerging and international artists, more specifically,  now in Cuba.

Rachel Melvald has played an active part in the Los Angeles  community through supporting non-profits such as Inner City Arts and Kidsave with their annual gala art auction.